Do You Know the Value of Your Business? Don’t you think you should?

Valuation Consulting and Appraisal, LLC knows that your business is most likely your most valuable asset. You have invested years of hard work in your business and have dedicated a large portion of your life to it. We know that your business is extremely important to you. We help business owners determine, understand, and increase the value of their business.

Why do clients choose Valuation Consulting and Appraisal?

1.     Valuation is all I do. The practice is focused on what drives value in a business and how to optimize that value.
2.     The focus is specifically on valuing manufacturing companies. I have performed valuations for a wide range of industries, but manufacturing is my favorite.
3.     VC&A provides the roadmap and resources to get your company to the next level. My industry experience in manufacturing, and in other industries, gives me the ability to find opportunities and provide recommendations that increase the value of the business.  I draw upon a large network of professionals to assist me in my valuation. I regularly consult with investment bankers, attorneys, marketing professionals, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and business brokers. If there is a need for outside help regarding your business, I know someone that can help you.

Where do we begin?

Schedule a call with us so we can discuss 5 basic questions:

1. Why do you need the valuation and what are you going to use it for? I want to make sure that my work will provide you the maximum value.
2. How big and complex is your business? This will drive how much time needs to be invested in order to properly understand your business.
3. When do you need this? I don’t like to rush the work. Its important that there is enough time to do the job properly.
4. What kind of data do you have available, financial and otherwise? The more information that’s available, the deeper understanding I’ll have of your business.
5. Who do you serve and how? What products do you make and who are your major clients? We’ve already started! It is important to know the industry trends that you operate in.

Our Services

If you need your business valued, you should know a few things.

You are not alone. Most business owners don’t know the worth of their business.


A business valuation is a tool. Use it for negotiation, to attract investment, to drive growth, to plan your retirement, to motivate your shareholders, among many other things.

It’s important to get it done right. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? Why not add value to your company at the same time?


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