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RIP – My favorite bonsai

In July 2020, I got busy – really busy. After this Spring’s COVID crisis, I was happy to have any business at all. Suddenly I had more business than I ever had before. I was working so hard; unfortunately,  I dropped one of the many balls I had in the air. I didn’t water my bonsai.

“It’s ok,” I told myself as I headed towards my desk. “It’s supposed to rain today.” The weatherman was wrong. “The storm had been delayed, and the rain will be here tomorrow” he told us. Again, I went straight to work and ignored my parched plants for another day.

By the time I got around to watering, it was too late. All of my three-year-old bonsai were gone.

I have restarted my bonsai garden. Indoors, so it doesn’t have to suffer the Houston heat.

Now the garden serves as a daily reminder.

Water your garden (or business) every day. – It can die very quickly if you don’t. Just two days of neglect and 100-degree weather was enough to destroy years of work and progress.

Automate what you can. – I have a sprinkler system. It just needs repair. Had I automated the watering of this garden, the bonsai would still be alive today.

Create an environment that facilitates success. – I have restarted this garden inside with grow lights. Although my garden looks depressingly sad right now, I am much more likely to have success by keeping the environment tightly controlled.

Author: Anthony Cardiel

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