Valuation Consulting and Appraisal, LLC is the valuation practice of Anthony Cardiel, CPA/ABV, CFE. I have over twenty years of accounting, management, and entrepreneurial experience. 

I am in the valuation business because I am a genuine business nerd. I enjoy finding new ways to get things done and I love the unique ways entrepreneurs seize and create opportunities. I read a large variety of business magazines like Fortune and the Harvard Business Review for fun. 

By performing valuations I get the opportunity to work with hundreds of businesses in great detail. All of these businesses are figuring out ways to refine their business processes. 

I enjoy being able to help business owners identify ways they can improve. When a business becomes more efficient, profitable, and easier to run, it becomes more valuable.

Integrity is the value that I am most passionate about in business. I am going to be honest about every advantage and disadvantage that I see for the Company. There may be some uncomfortable conversations, but my clients are better off for them.

I want my clients to feel confident in their valuation when it is complete. I want them to know where their business fits in their industry, understand why their business is valued at that amount at that point in time, and to realize a path forward. Once you understand how and why a business is valued a particular way, you have the key to drive the value up.

Why Manufacturing?

I believe that we are entering an era where the tools that drive success are changing in almost every industry, but especially in manufacturing. Business owners need to upgrade their business skill set to remain competitive. Manufacturing’s challenge is not just the way business is conducted, but also the capabilities of manufactured products. The increased automation within manufacturing and the constant improvements in additive manufacturing are transforming the entire industry. The wheel isn’t being re-invented, but the process of how that wheel is made is. 

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