Business Lessons From Bonsai – Learning to Let Go

  • Anthony Cardiel
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One of the most common struggles that I see with business owners is giving up control. I don’t mean selling some large percentage of the company. I mean making someone else in the company responsible for various aspects of the businessn. . Whether the owner is a “control freak”, super passionate about the customer experience,…

Businesses on Sale! – The Most Common Discounts Experienced by Business Owners

  • Anthony Cardiel
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Most business owners will incur a discount of some kind when selling and/or valuing their business. There are a lot of reasons why this happens, and it all starts with fair market value. The shortened definition of Fair Market Value is “the price at which an interest (i.e. the business) would change hands between a…

Business Lessons from Bonsai – What is a Size Premium?

  • Anthony Cardiel
  • Decision Making, Valuation
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Consider positioning your business to sell with a size premium. Also, presentation impacts your business’s sale price.

Business Lessons From Bonsai

  • Anthony Cardiel
  • Automation, Decision Making
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In July 2020, I got busy – really busy. After this Spring’s COVID crisis, I was happy to have any business at all. Suddenly I had more business than I ever had before. I was working so hard; unfortunately,  I dropped one of the many balls I had in the air. I didn’t water my…

Overcoming the COVID Business Challenge Series: Dealing with Decision Paralysis

  • Anthony Cardiel
  • Decision Making
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tips on decision making in a crisis

Stretch Your Cash Flow and Flatten the Curve

  • Anthony Cardiel
  • Cash Flow
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Tips to preserve your cash flow during the coronavirus crisis.

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